The Hardest Thing You’ll Ever Do…

The Hardest Thing You’ll Ever Do is to start your own company.

As you may know, when I started my first startup company way back when, I struggled for years to make it grow.
I’d worked for big companies including Honeywell, as well as divisions of GE, and Johnson Controls before I went out on my own, so I had LOTS of experience. I’d spent years as an Technician, Engineer, Project Manager, and Salesman. I was pretty well rounded and experienced.
But nothing prepares you for going out on totally your own. It brings new challenges – and dangers.
Prior to going out on my own as an Entrepreneur, the hardest thing I ever had done was to become an Army Ranger.
Now that may be a bit easier for Football Players, Sports Jockeys, and other Gym Rats and other natural athletes, but for this computer geek, it was more than an extraordinary challenge!
And trust me, that was HARD! More than half of the guys who GOT INTO the unit STILL washed out or just failed!
We even had a saying – you had to be “Harder than WoodPecker Lips.”
But one advantage to being in an elite unit like the Rangers was that there were lots of other folks going through the same challenges – and you could seek out counseling from your peers. there was lots of help available. And yes, you still had to do the work!
The secret was to NEVER QUIT.


And when you got knocked back down a few pegs, to re attack the problem with passion and persistence like mad.
“Drive on, Ranger.” they said. And Drive On, we did. Those that didn’t went by the wayside. We lost 50% each year.
Four years as an Army Ranger taught me lessons I still hold with me today.
But when you go out on your own as an Entrepreneur, it can be even harder, AND you will find yourself alone – a lot.
Your friends don’t understand what you are going through, and don’t know how to help. Others can be jealous, and a few will even turn on you.
There is nothing I know of that is more challenging.
I was out on my own for fifteen years, and built two successful companies that are still in business today.
It was truly the hardest thing I’d ever attempted, much less succeeded at.
And the NEVER QUIT mantra was the only thing that pulled me through the dark parts.
The IRS came after me in an audit that lasted TWO YEARS. (They lost, but what a waste of time)
Friends who had encouraged me to go out on my own wouldn’t give me any business because we weren’t a “Real Company” yet.
But little by little, we kept at it, and grew a bit each year. It took seven years to hit a million in sales. It took another 4-5 years to double that number.
The business depended on me, so it was difficult to get time off. Eventually we systemized each part, and things got better. We were in a business that was subject to seasonal ups and downs, and was hit hard each time we had a recession. And Southern California had it’s share of recessions, even when other parts of the country were doing fine.
There were ties we made TONS of money. And there were times we LOST money due to mistakes.
We had some GREAT people, and some that weren’t exactly great. We tried to take care of them all the best we could, through thick and thin.
After 15 years, and several attempts to sell the business, I finally was able to sell to some key employees who still run it to this day.
No more 60 to 70 hour workweeks. No more exhaustion. Finally I was free again.
By some fortunate luck, I met a girl who worked for Tony Robbins, and it wasn’t long before I wound up working for Tony Robbins, and that lead to me working for the Business Coaching company run by the Billionaire Chet Holmes.
There I learned what it took to grow companies. There I was able to use the new knowledge along with my experience to turn companies around.
I got to help companies all over the world, turning them around and doubling their sales – sometimes in as little as three months! (although it usually takes 12 – 18 months) YMMV.
Unfortunately, as you may know, Chet passed away, and the company shrank drastically.
After Chet passed, I decided to write and teach my own programs, and the American Dream University was born. We teach practical lessons from both the Billionaires point of view as well as the view from the trenches.
We’ve designed our programs to accommodate the small business owners.
Fifty Two percent of Americans are employed by small business – that’s a lot of people who need help.