I hate it when I get the call too late.

I hate it when I get the call too late.

It’s already gone bad. It’s already a mess. Now it’s a big, big mess that will take me and them working together months, even years to fix – even just to get back to where we should have been.

But they waited until it was a problem.

It’s particularly hard when the best solution is to wipe the slate clean and just start over. So much of their time and effort wasted because they slogged their way through with all the wisdom they had – but no one had taught them so many things they really needed to know beforehand.

AMERICAN DREAM UNIVERSITY SUPER-BUSINESS WEEKEND is our three-day training to teach all those things connected to too many “”too late”” calls.

Think about this. If you want to hire me, personally, the lawyer-businessman at full-price with my most premium package, you get 20-30 hours of my time each month for about $10,000 on a six-month contract. I can only have a maximum of five of these clients.

Or you could come to the Super-Business Weekend and get the same amount of training (and if you’re extra smart, try to be the one that takes me to lunch or dinner to pick my brain – but no, I don’t do breakfasts because I’m prepping during breakfast) for a fraction of the cost.

You get an introduction to much of the material I would have to teach you anyway, and you get it cheap! The best part for you is that you have SO much actionable material, that you might find yourself equipped with such insight and power that you can adjust many things on your own and tackle new levels in your business even without help. It all depends upon where you are in business and the speed at which you plan to move.

Yes, the seminar is an introduction – but it’s a POWERFUL introduction. It’s revelatory. Expect to have your mind blown.

I do have to give you this warning, though.

It’s a common mistake that I’ve seen derail some people.

As you’re gaining your new insights and new realizations, try to limit how long you let yourself stay in the “”I wish I knew this a year ago!”” (or five years ago, or before the last business venture failed). Sure, you can go there, but don’t stay there. The point isn’t what you did or didn’t know before. The point is that you’re learning it now.

Look… that’s me, too. I had a quarter-million-dollar disaster of my own because I trusted that a man of good character could be trusted to self-evaluate his competence. I learned a difficult, expensive lesson that character and competence are two very different things.


It’s one of the best investments you’ll make in your business insight. You’ll learn things here that literally NO ONE else is teaching.

You’ll walk away with two huge WOWs: Why is no one else teaching this stuff??? And, more importantly, you’ll walk away knowing the YOU know this stuff.

See you at the SBW!