Pete started his professional career at Honeywell as an Systems Engineer & Programmer in the early 80’s. By the late 80’s he had moved into a role as a Sales Engineer. He has designed and implemented software / hardware systems in such places as Reagan Library, Ontario & John Wayne Airports, numerous High Rise’s, and Military installations.

In 1992 he launched his own company, beginning his trek down the Entrepreneurial highway, growing that first startup company into a multi-million dollar business. In 2004 he spun off one of it’s divisions, and sold the main company in 2007.

Pete came out of retirement in 2010 to work for a well known billionaire in an international business coaching company until the owners death in 2012.

Pete has coached and mentored many business owners worldwide, and has shown those owners how to double and triple their sales, organize and streamline their operations, and grow marketshare and profitability.

Pete knows systems and is one of the cofounders and creative forces behind ADU.

Pete is also a veteran, having served 4 years in Special Operations as an Army Ranger where he got paid to jump out of airplanes, blow stuff up, shoot a lot, and travel the world. Pete has 43 Jumps across three continents. His hobbies include travel, photography, dancing and hiking.

Pete is one of the mentors seen on CNBC’s new show “Who Wants to to be a Millionaire cnbc-vector-logo
Inventor” which premieres August 12th, 2015.

“Make Me a Millionaire Inventor” is a six-episode series on a mission to find the best inventions never made and give them new life. Top engineers scour the country looking for amazing ideas they’re convinced can make big money. “Inventor” premieres Aug. 12 at 10 p.m. on CNBC Prime.