Our Mission:

To create, promote, support and empower Entrepreneurs thru Game Changing Education, Strategies, Tactics and support.

We help people transform their visions into reality.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to create entrepreneurial leaders who empower others, spread models of excellence, powerful relationships, focused connection, balance, gratitude, celebration, fun and motivation wherever they go and with everyone they contact.

Our Values:

To provide Learning and Growth with Honesty, Integrity and Creativity.

Our Story:

Pete Parker joined the Army Rangers in his teens, when the modern Ranger Battalions were just forming. It was his first Startup! After college, he worked as a Software & Hardware engineer for Honeywell, where he designed electronic systems for large commercial & military use. In 1992 he went out soon his own, starting his first tech company. Three years later, he started an engineering company providing design services for both large and small companies.

Pete learned how to build a company the way most entrepreneurs do – by OJT (On the Job Training).

After selling both companies, Pete went to work for Tony Robbins and the Billionaire Chet Holmes in the Business Breakthroughs division. There he helped turn companies around and grow them substantially. Unfortunately, Chet got Leukemia, and passed away in 2012.

With Chet’s death, Pete formed the American Dream University – a place where Small and large Businesses can come to get advice to avoid the “Hard Ways” of starting and growing businesses.