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Fixing Fatal Flaws in Your Business Plan

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Why Investors Reject 90% of Business plans 

in 10 Minutes or Less

If your Business Plan is solid, it should be able to pass scrutiny by a potential investor.  Wouldn't it be good to know if you had a great plan even if you aren't looking for Investors?   In this book we applied the no holds barred critical evaluation process that nearly every Investor would use when looking at your plan to provide you with the kind of insight you can only get from someone who is truly objective, without the emotional investment and sweat equity that you have made in your business idea and the creation of your business plan.

If you can take it, sit down and start reading, you might find some parts of this book make you uncomfortable.  If it does that means you truly need to keep reading and consider making some serious changes.

  • 1

    Understanding the Terrain - Who cares about your plan and why

  • 2

    The Top Ten Fatal Flaws you Must avoid just to get your plan read

  • 3

    How to NOT end up in the Trash even after the First 10 Minutes